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Top 10 Sex Pills
February 6th, 2014

sex pills for men

Top 10 Sex Pills for Men

Did you know that about 5% of men aged 40 and 15%-25% of men aged 65 suffer from erectile dysfunction on a long-term basis? This was revealed by statistics recently released by the National Institutes of Health. In fact, WebMD suggests that it isn’t unusual for men to experience failure in erection up to 20% of the times. Little wonder then that the market is flooded with sexual products for better sexual performance. However, not all sexual enhancement supplements are as effective or safe. This is why it is extremely important to first compare products and read reviews on reliable sites like MensHealthSource.org before making a buying decision.

Top 10 Sexual Enhancement Products

Here is a list of the top 10 sex pills for men:

  •  Erectzan: This supplement can help improve sexual performance and make the entire sexual activity more enjoyable and satisfying. It increases overall stamina and endurance, giving you the opportunity to completely satisfy the sexual needs of your partner. This product not only makes you last longer than usual; it gives you a great degree of control over your orgasm and improves the quality of your erection.


  • Maxis10: New to the market, this product has a list of potent ingredients that increase erection, libido, prostate health and sexual health. It is also capable of giving you powerful orgasms, making you feel wonderful. The manufacturers claim that it is based on a herbal formula and there is no possibility of adverse side effects.


  • VigRx Plus: This product is a natural penis enhancement supplement with minimal adverse side reactions. It is said to bring about an observable difference after just 90 days of regular use. The manufacturers claim to use secure and reliable substances that have the ability to improve the size of the penis.


  • Male Extra: This male enhancement pill works to enlarge the size of the penis, while also improving the quality of erections. It also helps you last longer, allowing you to indulge in a few extra minutes of pleasure. Men who have used this product claim that it helps increase the size of the erection by up to 3 inches.


  • Zenerx: This is a great natural substitute to Viagra; with low chances of negative side effects. It can enhance sex drive and lead to better sexual performance. In addition, it helps with stronger erections that last longer.


  • Longinexx: This sexual product for sexual performance improves one’s sex life by helping make the sexual act much more satisfying. This product is a vasodilator that increases penis length and thickness, while improving the quality of the erection. The manufacturers claim it to be completely natural, with no side effects.


  • Extenze: The key to this male enhancement pill is the herbal blend of amazing natural supplements. Extenze is safe, with nothing narcotic or artificial associated with its ingredients. Every ingredient is carefully chosen after due consideration of its long and short term effects.


  • PHGH: This product boosts sex drive and significantly impacts sexual energy. It provides a more intense and electric climax, that can be repeated shortly after the first. This can have a positive impact on mental health and sex life.


  • SinRex: This herbal product can enhance energy levels and even impact the length of the penis. It amplifies desire by increasing libido. By taking two pills daily before meals, you can gain enhanced sexual health.


  • Triverex: This all natural way of boosting your libido can account for harder erections and make your sexual experience last longer than usual. Apart from increasing the size of the erection, it also helps reduce sexual dysfunction in males.

Make sure you make an informed buying decision by reading the reviews and comparing products on MensHealthSource.org.