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Beware: Signs of Liver Problems in Men
October 7th, 2013


Aside from male enhancement (or ensuring that you are free of sexual dysfunction, which wreaks havoc on your sexual and reproductive function), you should pay attention to the different aspects of your health. This involves ensuring the optimal function of your liver, a large organ that is important to your body. It produces the substances that digest fats and carbs, along with clear your body of toxins. When you have severe liver issues, you will see specific signs, which – along with your blood test results – will be the basis for the diagnosis of liver problem.
Here are some of the common signs of liver problems in men:

  • Jaundice – Among the primary symptoms of liver problems is jaundice, which causes your skin and the whites of your eyes to become discolored and yellow. The yellow hue comes from the high levels of bilirubin, a molecule that is usually broken down by your liver. Furthermore, this molecule causes your urine to turn a weirdly dark color. Jaundice also serves as the first and only sign of liver problem.
  • Swollen abdomen – Liver problems usually cause your organ to become larger than usual, and this may result in the upper right quadrant of your abdomen to turn quite distended. A tender, swollen abdomen may also be the result of fluid accumulation in your abdomen (these are known as “ascites”).
  • Stool abnormalities<> – Liver problems can also cause your stool to have an abnormal pale appearance. This paleness sin color relates to issues in the production of bile, which is produced by your liver. Your stool may also be abnormally dark, or almost black in color. This is caused by blood mixing with your stool. If there is enough blood in your stool, the redness of the blood may also be seen aside from dark or almost-black stool.
  • Hormonal imbalance effects – Liver concerns can be the source of certain hormone imbalances. Even if your liver continues to produce insulin (the hormone that moves glucose from your bloodstream, into your cells), insulin resistance can still take place, making your cells unable to properly use the insulin. Insulin resistance is also associated with erectile dysfunction, which can be addressed naturally today through supplementation, exercise, and other techniques. Increase in estrogen production from liver disease, too, can cause “feminization,” which includes gynecomastia or breast growth.

Never take these signs and symptoms for granted. Talk to your doctor if you experience one or more of the enumerated items above to rule out a liver condition. There may be tests done to get to a specific diagnosis, and, of course, your medical history will be evaluated. Work your doctor to for the best possible treatment in your case.

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