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Can You Actually ‘Extend’ Your Manhood?
August 7th, 2013

They always tell you that size matters for men. If you do believe them, you’re probably seeking a bigger, thicker, and longer penis if you feel rather insufficient. In fact, there has been a whole empire created to sell these “miracle” products for penis lengthening or fighting erectile dysfunction.

But is it really possible for you to “extend” your manhood? What are the options available for you?

Here are the three main ways to get a “longer” penis, along with other benefits on the side, including improved erections and increased pleasure and ejaculatory control during lovemaking.

  1. Penis exercises. Part of the common techniques of male enhancement through penis exercises are jelqing, Kegel exercises, and even the simple action called ballooning. They not only help in enhancing your penis size, but also aid in managing sexual problems such as premature ejaculation. Here’s the trick: just relax, warm up your penis, use a good lubricant, and perform the penis exercise of your choice. Remember, though, to always do these exercises in moderation and high regard for safety and not just effectiveness.
  2. Male enhancement pills. Perhaps the most accessible on the World Wide Web, these erection pills are as wide-ranging as they come: herbal, synthetic, and even bogus erection pills. What appears as the best, most convenient option is a good herbal supplement that combines potent natural ingredients to achieve a harder and stronger erection, along with increased stamina and energy for lovemaking. Male enhancement pills work by forcing more blood into your erectile chambers to sustain the size of your manhood. These pills are especially a hit to those who suffer from erectile dysfunction, of course under a doctor’s supervision.
  3. Penis extenders. These self-applied methods work by gently stretching the genitals and pulling its cells apart. They take some time to work, but they have shown to be fairly safe and effective. Compared to penis exercises, extenders need a lot less effort – this is another plus point.

How do you choose among these three options? Male enhancement pills are the most popular, no doubt about it. But again, it is best to consult a qualified physician in order for other health issues to be addressed. Safety comes first, so don’t take it for granted!

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