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Do You Need to Control Your Libido?
May 31st, 2014

Do You Need to Control Your Libido

Let’s face it: not everyone has a manageable amount of sex drive or libido. A very low or high level of sex drive can lead to a variety of problems, such as relationship issues when your partner’s sex drive is out of sync with yours. Additionally, you may only be frustrated if you have a high sex drive but have no partner in bed. If you are one who needs to control his sexual urge, there are simple lifestyle strategies you can implement to manage your situation and find a way for control.

Here are a number of tips:

  1. Know why you want to lower your libido. If you are doing this for religious reasons, you should seek the help of your spiritual adviser, such as a priest or a pastor. Do not feel embarrassed to open up, as he or she has likely encountered this situation before. If you are in a relationship, talk openly with your partner about your concern and what your sexual expectations and goals are.
  2. Try to avoid being sexually stimulated. This entails avoiding pornographic materials, as well as focusing on your thoughts to make sure that the things you see, think of, and hear do not elicit a sexual response in your. Avoid sexual things, symbols, and conversations as much as you can. Part of this is avoiding masturbation – if you happen to become aroused, think of non-sexual objects and try to engage in a different matter until the feeling passes.
  3. Engage in sports and exercise, as well pursue non-sexual relationships. Let your body enjoy sports and exercises like yoga. Keep it busy so as to divert attention from sexual frustrations and aspirations. Consider taking up a new hobby, traveling, and bonding with your partner in a non-sexual way. Join a club, do volunteer work, and seek satisfying relationships without the idea of sex.
  4. Abstain from alcohol or drugs. Doing so will not only improve your general health, but also heighten your inhibitions and cause to you control your sex drive.
  5. Consult your doctor. Ask him or her about hypersexuality, nymphomania, or a high sex drive, as it may be the sign of an undetected medical condition. It could be bipolar disorder, or a form of cancer. Those suspected to have a sex addiction are referred for counseling or therapy. There are also medications available for libido reduction.

As there is great danger and violation in forcing your sexual urge on other individuals without their consent, it becomes very important to control your libido properly. This is to avoid making you a danger to yourself and to others. Talk to your doctor right away if you see unusually high libido levels in yourself.


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