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Erectile Dysfunction ( ED ) Treatment
September 5th, 2013

Erectile Dysfunction TreatmentMen seeking ED help have more options than ever for restoring their sexual desire and performance. The market is flooded with erectile dysfunction treatment alternatives that are advertised to improve the size and quality of erections. This includes oral medications and other treatments aimed at producing stronger erections. The product reviews at Mens Health Source contain information and ratings of various products.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Penis Implants

A penis implant is a surgical device that is used to help generate and maintain erections. In a surgical procedure, inflatable rods are placed in the penis that are used to give men greater control over erections and sustain an erection long enough to enjoy a fully satisfying sexual experience.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Penis Pumps

A penis pump is a vacuum device that is attached to the penis and uses vacuum suction to bring more blood flow to the tissues of the penis. This increases blood flow to the penile area and helps to create an erection. A ring is placed around the base of the penis to keep the additional blood in the area to help maintain an erection and then removed after sexual intercourse.

Injectable Medications

Injectable medications, such as Edex and Caverject contain alprostadil, which is administered in the side of the penis by injection prior to sexual intercourse. After administration of the drug, a man is able to maintain an erection for an hour.

ED Treatment Reviews: Natural Supplements

Due to the risk of side effects of surgical procedures and prescription medication, many men prefer to try natural remedies and supplements that contain natural ingredients for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The best rated products contain herbs and natural substances that are known to produce better quality erections with minimal side effects. Always check the ingredients and effectiveness through independent product reviews to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Read ED Treatment Reviews

Mens Health Source has product reviews and comparisons of natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. Our ED treatment reviews have information about the ingredients, side effects, and overall success rates, as well as product comparisons, which makes it easier to select the right product. We encourage you to read and compare product reviews to make an informed decision for your sexual health.


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