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How to Spot Libido Changes in Your Female Partner
May 31st, 2014

How to Spot Libido Changes in Your Female Partner

Let’s talk about the sex drive or libido of your female partner in bed. It is natural for women to experience sex drive changes in their lifetime, especially as they age. Sexual interest peaks at times like the beginning of a new relationship, dips during stressful occasions. Based on research, about 40 percent of women experiences lack of libido with extreme fluctuations, causing significant anxiety. Learn more about these changes, the causes, and the right treatment, just like male enhancement.

First, here are the two types of libido changes in women, mostly just like in men:

  1. Hypoactive libido – A low sex drive can be a lifelong condition in which a woman may not have any sexual interest since the beginning. It could also be that she lost her interest entirely or toward her partner at the moment.
  2. Hyperactive libido – Extremely high sex drives can be a cause for alarm as well, especially if they are getting in the way of everyday routine or interfering with normal relationships.

There are a number of factors that can cause these changes in sex drive. They include physical changes, hormonal changes, psychological issues, and relationship problems, as well as use of certain prescription medications like antidepressant and blood pressure meds. You lady love’s libido can also be dampened by everyday stress, low self-esteem, and marital issues that seem to have no resolution or end. As for pregnant women, new mothers, and menopausal females, hormonal changes can alter their libido, too.

In order to rule out these libido changes, there are women who choose to go to their doctor and ask for medical tests, especially if there is no obvious trigger for their condition. The doctor may perform pelvic exam to rule out any physical problem, which may include vaginal dryness. Laboratory tests, on the other hand, identify any thyroid problem and other medical concerns.

As for treating low libido in women, there could be a combination of techniques employed, such as regular cardio exercise (for increased stamina) and effective stress management. Communication with your partner should also be enhanced to get to the root of the issues at hand. If you find that you need it, don’t hesitate to seek professional sex therapy or counseling. If there is an underlying medical problem, use of prescription drugs includes estrogen and testosterone hormone therapy.

It is a given that these changes in libido – both in men and women – can negatively affect their relationship and respective self-esteems. Increase the emotional bond and intimacy between each other by going on romantic dates and making time for the relationship. Take on shared sports and other activities, or simply take a warm bath together! These are ways you can take your mind off of sex and focus on other things that matter in the meantime.

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