How do the top Men Sexual Enhancement products in today's market compare?
Last Rated: Monday April 26, 2021
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Sexual Enhancement Brands
Vigrx Plus
VigRx Plus

Male Extra


Pills Per Bottle 60 60 60 60 60
Overall Success Rate 98.6 % 94.5 % 87.5 % 86.9 % %
Product Quality
Cosumer Satisfaction
Immediate Results
Long Term Results
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Less Side effects *
Company Refund Policy
Customer Care
Overall Score
Price $ 29.97 $ 76.99 $ 62.95 $ 59.95 $ 49.99
* Side effects from report or research results are subjective and nonclinical
Sexual Enhancement Pill Brands with Lower Scores
#6 #7 #8 #9 #10


Vaso Ultra




A growing number of men are experiencing problems related to sexual performance or fulfillment and are seeking information about natural male enhancement supplements. There are a wide variety of products on the market and the limited information can make it difficult to select the right product. At Men’s Health Source, we are committed to providing the information men need to compare male enhancement products.

A Reliable Source for information

At Men’s Health Source, we are a trusted source for information and analysis of natural male enhancement supplements and we take this role seriously. We strive to provide men with in depth information and product reviews. You will find the product information you need to make important decisions for your sexual health.

Product Reviews

Advertising is not a reliable source of information when purchasing any product, especially health supplements. Unbiased reviews and user reviews are a better source of information about natural male enhancement supplements. We provide detailed product reviews, including information about the effectiveness and ingredients of each product, as well as user reviews, so you can learn how these products have worked for other men.

Natural Male Enhancement Supplements Rated Based on Several Factors

We review products based on several factors and you can view information about the overall success rate, as well as how a product rated in each of the individual categories. We assess natural male enhancement products based on factors such as the product quality, immediate and long term results, consumer satisfaction, clinically proven ingredients, fewer side effects, company refund policy and customer care. Each product is given an overall score and pricing information is included.

Compare Male Enhancement Products

Using the information in product ratings and reviews can help you make the right choice for your health. We have included a side by side chart of the five leading products to help you compare male enhancement products. You can see how each product compares in each of the subcategories and compare overall scores easily with the chart on our website. In addition, we have reviews of products with lower scores.

Please browse our website to read detailed product reviews of natural male enhancement supplements and compare male enhancement products. You will find information about natural ingredients and reviews written by users to provide additional information about the effectiveness of these products among users.


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