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AndroGel Reviews
Last Updated: Thursday September 09, 2021

AndroGel is a kind of male enhancement product that is being advertised to be the number one testosterone replacement therapy that is being prescribed by doctors. This product has been designed for increasing the levels of testosterone in men who suffer from different sexual dysfunction symptoms. The common symptoms of having low levels of testosterone include depression, fatigue, decreased libido and erectile dysfunction.

Its formula is being advertised to be a quick drying, easy to use and odorless gel meant to be used by men who are suffering from low levels of testosterone.

What’s Inside the Product?

The male hormone testosterone is the active ingredient used in this formula, which is supposed to be the same kind of testosterone being produced by the body. Other ingredients are sodium hydroxide, isopropyl myristate and ethanol.

Testosterone is actually the male sexual hormone responsible in libido regulation and this also plays a crucial role in immune function and energy levels. So far, it is not very clear as to what source has been used for deriving the testosterone specifically used in the formula.

When a man ages, the levels of testosterone decrease naturally and this can start as early as 25 years of age and it can decline by around 10 percent every 10 years. Even though men can be affected in a different way, the depletion can be really troublesome for the bodybuilders and athletes who would like to go on with boosting their muscle mass and strength at a similar rate.

Using the product can also cause some side effects on some individuals as based on the warning that can be seen on the website, which can include prostate disorders, acne, impaired urination, and skin irritation.

The Good

  • The ingredients that have been used in the product are listed.
  • The website contains the list of results of a certain clinical trial.

The Bad

  • The product does not contain any herbal extracts.
  • The product needs the prescription of a doctor.
  • Using the product can lead to some side effects on some people.
  • The product is not supportive of every single aspect related to male sexual function.

The Bottom Line

Because erectile dysfunction is usually the result of low levels of testosterone and there are a lot of men who are being affected by this particular problem, today, you can already find different treatment options that are meant for addressing these issues. These products range from the different prescription formulas including AndroGel to the different over the counter items that are containing natural and herbal ingredients in general. While there are some men who are more comfortable with using a product that comes with a doctor’s prescription, one should still be aware that the prescription medications usually carry different side effects compared to the natural formulas, not to mention that these are way more expensive compared to the natural male enhancement products.

While it seems that AndroGel is a decent enough male enhancement product, it will still be best for you to conduct your own research for you to know if this product will also work for you or not. Right now, there are plenty of other options that you can choose from. At the end of the day, it will still be up to you as to which product you will pick but always make sure that you go for those that contain proven and safe components so that you will not have to worry about risking your overall health.

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