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Aspire 36 Reviews
Last Updated: Thursday September 09, 2021

Right now, there is just a myriad of different sexual enhancement products for men that you can find in brick and mortar stores and in online shops, and one of the newer brands that have joined the crowd is Aspire 36. Manufactured by Palo Alto Labs in America, this product is being promoted on its official website. Even though the information stated are sufficient, the details are still a bit sketchy.

The website’s main highlight is the order form and this product is being offered in different packages that range from large to small, with some savings being offered for the bigger orders. One bottle of the product contains twelve pills which is already enough for one month’s use. It comes with a price of $49.99 and its money back guarantee is good for 30 days. There is also a short page for FAQ although there are no clinical trials and customer feedback available. On a brighter note, the phone number and address of the manufacturer are stated clearly not to mention that it also has a secure ordering page.

Product Details

There are actually no details given regarding the components of the product or any information about their specific functions. There is also no clue regarding the chances of having negative effects, with allergic reactions being improbable. Similar to other sexual enhancement products for men that are offered in the market right now, Aspire 36 also claims that this can boost a man’s sexual pleasure and libido that can result to stronger erections. This is also being referred to as a revolutionary product by its manufacturer. Every component is clearly detailed for the product, together with the amounts foe every component as well as all the natural herbs. The main components include horny goat weed or epimedium, Tribulus that is a testosterone booster, Avena Sativa, and Astragalus that is great for the immune system. It also contains velvet bean, oleic acid, eurycoma longifolia and L-arginine.

The Good

  • The product is all natural.
  • The website shows the phone number and address of the company.
  • The return policy has been clearly stated.
  • There is a picture of the product label.
  • The pills have been made in America.
  • It made use of natural herbs.
  • There are discounts being offered.
  • There are no serious side effects.

The Bad

  • The website serves as a high pressure marketing.
  • You cannot find any customer feedback.
  • The price is very expensive.
  • No details of the component are available.
  • There is no list of independent tests.

The Bottom Line

Despite all the lofty claims that have been made by the manufacturer of Aspire 36, there is still no proof that you can find to state that this is truly a ground breaking male enhancement product which is how it is being promoted right now. While there are several components that are believed to be a great and sure source of pleasure during sex, taking the word of the manufacture in lieu of a solid and factual evidence is going to erode the confidence of the consumers. At an expensive price of 50 dollars for every bottle, the wallet of a man will definitely feel the impact of the product more than his own libido. So, it will be best if you look for better and proven male enhancement products that are backed up by solid proof and evidence.

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