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Hightenz Reviews
Last Updated: Sunday July 18, 2021

Through the years, the market has seen different male enhancement products come and go and it is safe to say that they did it in huge numbers. In fact, it seems as if every single day, there is a new option that is being introduced while an old one goes out. Just recently, there were several people whose interest has been piqued by a certain product that goes by the name of Hightenz, which, at present, is already off the market, thus proving that the world does have fleeting things.

There are many cases when products have gone off the market but they still seem to float around in the market which means that those men who are interested to use male enlargement pills might still find a chance to purchase it. For this reason, it might be great if you will know some important details about Hightenz in the event that you encounter it in the future.

Product Overview

Hightenz is a kind of topical male enlargement formula that has the primary function to prolong your erections and prevent premature ejaculation. Right now, you find plenty of other lotions and creams that do exactly just that. What is interesting about this product is the fact that it claims to be of help in improving the quality of your erections as well as your sexual drive, which means that it is pretty much like an all around topical penis enhancement product.

What’s Inside the Product and How They Work?

The side of the equation regarding premature ejaculation is kind of straightforward. The main ingredient that serves this specific function is Licodine that happens to be similar or the same to most of the other delay sprays that you have seen. Licodine is actually a mild type of local anesthetic that is probably used by your dentists to get your gums prepared for a Novacaine shot.

As for the male enhancement aspect of things, Hightenz makes use of Avena Sativa, Ginseng, and L-arginine. L-argine is responsible for increasing the flow of blood going to the penis in order to produce harder erections. On the other hand, ginseng can help in increasing the flow of blood while providing energy while Avena sativa can help increase your body’s free testosterone amount.

The instructions for using Hightenz is to apply this directly to your penis before engaging in a sexual activity and it is expected to work almost instantly.

The Good

  • This combines help to cure premature ejaculation coupled with some sort of performance enhancement.
  • This does not need any commitment and you can freely use it every time you want to.

The Bad

  • The product is expensive.
  • It can make you feel numb more than how you want.
  • This has already been discontinued and its website does not exist anymore.

The Bottom Line

Hightenz is certainly among the more expensive kinds of delay creams that you can find in the male enhancement industry today and it is possibly because of the extract performance benefit that the product provides. But for no known reason, Hightenz natural male enhancement is no longer available and so far, this cannot really be considered as that special that this will cause you any great disappointment. In fact, you might be better off with other male enhancement products that are still in existent today and are continuously proving their effectiveness and safety up to this day.

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