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Intramax Reviews
Last Updated: Sunday July 18, 2021

The buzz that surrounds IntraMax is that this can increase libido, eliminate erectile dysfunction and promote improved overall sexual function. Because it is a bit unusual to find a multivitamin which also works as a male enhancement product, it will be best to investigate more about it.

Product Overview

While IntraMax is usually confused to be a male enlargement product, the truth is that its main goal is to provide trace minerals, microcomplexed nutrients and super foods. The manufacturers of IntraMax cite only improved strength, concentration levels and energy as the benefits that can possibly fall under the category of male enlargement.

Although a healthy body is important for a vital sexual life, this particular product is not really targeting the user’s sexual health. In fact, its formula is basically similar to a concentrated salad. Unlike penis enhancement pills, it does not contain any ingredient or special herbs that are being associated to male health.

The reputation of Intramax as a penis pill might probably be because of an earlier discontinued product. There used to be a supplement that goes by the same name that has been designed for boosting the length of the penis but this product is no longer existing today.

The most notable thing about this product is that it contains more than 400 healthy supplements performing numerous health benefits. It is essentially packed with minerals, enzymes, fiber and vitamins which can address different issues such as male enlargement up to overall improvement of almost all body systems.

As said earlier, this is more of a multivitamin supplement because it contains fiber and minerals that can be of great help for losing weight through appetite suppressant to help you stay sated for an extended period of time. Apart from that, the product’s ingredients are also safe and natural, which means that no side effects can be expected.

The product is manufactured by Drucker Labs that is also the maker of all-natural health supplements catering not only to some people but to all of those who want to achieve and sustain good health. It also tastes great thanks to its flavor of Peach Mango.

What’s Inside the Product?

The list of the ingredients of IntraMax is pretty long but some of its notable contents include silver, noni, 35 fruits, 59 herbs, aloe vera, 26 fibers, 16 probiotics, fulvic acid, 27 vegetables, 20 amino acids, 12 carotenoids, 154 antioxidants, 38 essential oils, and a whole lot more.

Vegetarians and vegans will surely be very happy to know that this product does not contain dairy or meat products and because this is all natural, it is a must try for health conscious and organic product enthusiasts.

The Good

  • This all natural health supplement does not cause any side effects.
  • It has plenty of favorable reviews.
  • This can be used by vegans and vegetarians since it is free from animal ingredients.
  • This comes with more than 400 healthy kinds of natural ingredients.
  • This can be easily bought online.

The Bad

  • This can be a bit expensive for average buyers.
  • This is not really a male enhancement product.

The Bottom Line

IntraMax is a famous product used by old and young folks alike. While its price is a bit steep, considering that this is composed of several dozens of ingredients that is packed in a single bottle, offering promising results. However, take note that this is a not a male enlargement product and if this is what you are after, this is definitely not something that you should try.

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