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Orexis Reviews
Last Updated: Sunday July 18, 2021

Orexis is a male enhancement supplement being manufactured by Urban Nutritionals and this is now available for purchase on different online retail websites. A few of the information has been presented in a kind of exaggerated way that gives Orexis an image of being too good to be true. However, unlike a few of the products that belong to the similar category, Orexis is not making claims of actually increasing the penile size and instead, it states that the product can help in improving overall sexual health, increasing the pleasure for both partners as well as supporting a firmer and stronger erection. Even though the websites selling the product are all saying positive things about it, there are several warnings that can be found in the other sites, especially about the addition of yohimbe, which is natural extract known for increasing the blood pressure and is not recommended to be used by those men suffering from cardiovascular problems.

One bottle of the product ontains 60 capsules and it has been designed for everyday use as general supplement. It is also suggested to be used on required basis at around 45 minutes prior to a sexual activity. This comes with a money back guarantee although the actual terms were not outlined.

What’s Inside the Product?

The information about the ingredients of this male enhancement product is extremely limited and only the primary active substances have been listed. Aside from yohimbe, its formula also contains rowdy weed, damiana leaf, catuaba, and muira puama. These ingredients can be commonly found in such products and have all been commonly added to alternative and traditional treatments.

While there are claims with Orexis working quickly within the system, there is really no clinical test that has been provided to serve as actual proof and there are also no testimonials from customers that have been shown. This product is being endorsed by a Dr. Haltwanger although there is no information stating as to who he is.

The Good

  • The product offers both fast acting and long term effects.
  • The primary active ingredients have been listed.
  • This is sold by independent retailers.
  • It has 100% all natural formula.
  • It is affordable.

The Bad

  • Yohimbe might not be advisable for everyone’s use.
  • Not all of the ingredients have been listed.
  • There are no testimonials from customers.
  • The terms on the guarantee have not been given.
  • The information about the manufacturer is limited.

The Bottom Line

So far, there are still plenty of similar male enhancement products that you can find in the market which have the ability of doing a great job in delivering great results better than Orexis. The simple fact that it makes use of a possibly harmful ingredient such as yohimbe is already a big source of concern, especially if the product targets the older males who have higher chances of suffering from high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems. Despite the low price tag of the product, with no clinically study results which will show proof regarding the beneficial effects of Orexis and no information on the guarantee as weill, it will be better if you will opt for a brand that is not only well known but is already proven to deliver safe and effective results.

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