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PenaTropin Reviews
Last Updated: Sunday July 18, 2021
United States

PenaTropin is a male enhancement supplement that is promoted clinically tested – supported by randomized, double-blind, human clinical trials. It is said to be rated number one by industry, medical, and consumer reviewers, mainly for its role in helping you achieve peak growth hormone levels. It touts that it can increase your free testosterone levels significantly. According to its clinical data, too, participants saw an 84 percent increase in Erectile Quality Score with size enhancement, hardness, and strength as the leading benefits.

The main benefits are significantly bigger, harder, longer-lasting erections; more powerful and forceful orgasms; skyrocketing libido; elevated free testosterone levels; and faster recovery time between sexual encounters.

PenaTropin was formulated by Dr. Wichai Cherdsherwasart, who is hailed a United States patent holder and Taguchi Prize recipient. He is called the Ethnopharmacologist of the Year for “his ability to identify and unlock the secrets of nature in ways that can be utilized by people to improve their health.” He is a professor in the Department of Biology of the Science faculty of Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, and has obtained his doctorate, with great distinction in 1991, at the Vrije University Brussels in Belgium.

Ingredient List

Butea superba and other herbal extracts


  • Human clinical trial results presented on the site
  • Formulated by biologist and with scientific basis
  • Affordable price that fares excellently against similar male enhancers


  • Lacks ingredient list
  • Needs to improve ordering process and site security

Final Thoughts

PenaTropin is backed by the education and research of a Thai biologist and expert that has put forward the benefits of Butea superba, which helps increase blood flow and provide a more complicated formulation than mere male enhancement benefits. But we have our reservations about this product even though it is relatively affordable and generous in clinical findings and hard data. It lacks the full list of ingredients that are so openly available in other product websites, as well as it is hounded by site functionality and security issues.

PenaTropin has the great potential of ranking high up the male enhancement trade, but it needs to address these deficiencies in order to better arm its potential customers and strengthen its commitment for unparalleled sexual enhancement for men today.

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