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Prelox Blue Reviews
Last Updated: Sunday July 18, 2021

Prelox Blue is a kind of natural sexual enhancement supplement for males that makes for a richer and more fulfilling sexual life. As far as aging men and boosting their sexual function are concerned, the vascular system is one aspect that is usually taken for granted. Prelox Blue works through helping the blood flow out through the arteries’ delicate lining or endothelium because this is a crucial aspect of both the sexual drive and arousal.

What’s Inside the Product?

There were 5 independent clinical studies that were conducted on the ingredients that are used in the formula of this male enhancer, all of which yielded very compelling and satisfactory results:

  • Pycnogenol – It is a French maritime pine bark extract which can induce the enzyme production that is needed for creating nitric oxide. NO will ten facilitate more efficient and improved flow of blood and relaxation of the blood vessels that are essential for the male organ’s healthy sexual function and enhanced vascular health. The said effect is then enhanced through extending NO’s lifespan to the bloodstream.
  • L-Arginine – This ingredient has always been a staple addition in the male enhancement industry since this is the very nutrient which can open up the penis’s corpus cavernosa and blood vessels which will then improve the erections’ quality. it is a biological precursor to the synthesis of NO in the endothelium and interacts with Pycnogenol for sustaining NO levels for better and longer lasting sex.
  • Icariin – It is a natural herbal ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine for deactivating the enzyme which can make the male sexual response decrease and wind down that will then promote overall improved sexual drive and sustain sexual activity during the night. This does not induce aphrodisiac effects and instead, this stops the body from reducing your existing sexual drive.

How It Works

As mentioned above, the two primary active ingredients of these penis enhancement pills, L-Arginine and Pycnogenol, are working together to increase the flow of blood and relax the blood vessels while simultaneously improving the responsiveness of the vessels with a super antioxidant of sorts. When you age, the tendency is for your vascular system to wear down and Prelox will be able to help in maintaining its health.

The Good

  • The combination of Pycogenol and L-arginine can improve the flow of blood to the blood vessels and this means that erections can happen more happen and have better staying power as compared to those who are not using the product.
  • Its ingredients were all scientifically validated and clinically proven to boot.

The Bad

  • The formula of the supplement does not offer anything new apart from the addition of Pycogenol. Almost all male enhancement products today contain L-arginine as one of their active ingredients.
  • Although there were studies to prove Pycogenol’s effectiveness, L-arginine remains to be the ingredient that is more scientifically proven.
  • There are plenty of medications which contain more active ingredients as compared to Prelox Blue and this has several side effects as associated to blood circulation.

The Bottom Line

Prelox Blue male enhancement does have plenty of clinical research, studies and scientific support to back it up. This can improve endothelial function and vascular health to boot that are all essential for you to achieve quality erections. This also has limited possible side effects for this kind of supplement which makes this combo medication recommended for some men.

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