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Regenerect Reviews
Last Updated: Sunday July 18, 2021

If you are going to conduct an online search right now about Regenerect, which is a natural male enhancement stimulator manufactured by Regeneca, chances are the very first results that you will get are the recall and the lawsuit that has been filed against the company because of the inclusion of a certain unnamed ingredient in their pills. When you filter through the said information, you might have luck in finding the bleak site of the manufacturer that is dedicated for marketing the product packets. By sifting through the website and reading a few of the product information, you will discover that several of the statements made should really be questioned, including the claim that the product does not have any dangerous side effects and that this is safe for almost everyone to use.

During this point, your internal red flags must already be flying high as far as this product is concerned. In case you are still curious regarding this supplement and you would like to learn more as to how it works and how much money you will be spending for it, the website also has a poorly created page that discusses these things. This particular male enhancement product is being offered in individual packets that contain 2 pills, which happens to be the daily suggested amount that should be taken. This is being sold in quantities of 25, 10 or 5 packets. For 25 packets, you will have to pay $74.75 and 5 packets cost $14.95. This means that a month of using the pill will cost around $90 and this is way higher compared to the other male enhancement pills that are available today.

On a positive note, since a supply for one day comes in a packet that is convenient, it can be easier for you to remember that you have to take every day and this can also be easily packed in your suitcase.

The Good

There are very limited positive reviews regarding this product aside from the fact that the supplement is available in single packets. Several users are claiming that they were able to see results from using the pill and were able to achieve stronger erections.

The Bad

Majority of the negative reviews regarding the product are similar, focusing on the fact that this product is pricey, lacks medical backing and is being presented in an unprofessional and careless manner through the website of the manufacturer. There are several reviews from the users who said that they were not able to achieve the results that they want as promised and since the product has no money back guarantee, they ended up losing their money. A lot of users are skeptical of trying the pill due to the lack of information regarding how this works and how this must be taken.

The Bottom Line

Even though it seems that Regenerect does have some beneficial elements, the information regarding the drug recall and lawsuit in 2012 must already be sufficient for you to have second thoughts on placing an order for this product. With a site that seems as if it has been made overnight, it can really be hard to believe that Regenerct can be considered as a legitimate supplement for male enhancement.

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