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Staxyn Reviews
Last Updated: Sunday July 18, 2021

In the month of June in 2010, FDA has given its approval to a brand new male enhancement pill, Staxyn.

However, this not just any ordinary supplement for enhancement that can be used by all men. In fact, this is only being prescribed to those men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction because this can allegedly help men achieve and sustain their erections easier than ever.

With its stiff competition with the rest of the supplements that can be found in the market, from the over the counter all natural supplements to those prescription ones, it can be a bit difficult to determine if this is a good choice for you or not.

Who Manufactures Staxyn?

Staxyn male enhancement pills are being manufactured by a famous pharmaceutical company, none other than Bayer Healthcare. This company is also the maker of products including Aspiring, Yaz, Testogel and Alka-Seltzer. Bayer Healthcare is also the very first discoverer of heroin.

This company takes pride in their amazing reputation in the healthcare field as well as among their consumers. The Better Business Bureau has given the company with an accreditation and A rating and only a few complaints have been filed against them for the previous years.

Product Overview

Staxyn is actually the brand name for vardenafil, just like Levitra which is also being manufactured by the similar company, although it is a bit different. Based on the official website, Levitra and Staxyn are not interchangeable.

This particular product can increase the flow of blood to the penis. This can help men suffering from erectile dysfunction to sustain their erection during their sexual activities. However, take note that it will not give you an instant erection as there is still a need for sexual stimulation. The moment the sexual activity has stopped, the erection will go away.

This supplement is available in oral tablets of 10 mg. Take a single tablet every day one hour prior to a sexual activity. Put it on your tongue and allow it to dissolve. Never chew or crush Staxyn or drink any liquid when you take this supplement.

How to Purchase the Product

So far, Staxyn is only available by prescription. Majority of the men using the supplement have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction by their physician who then gave them the prescription to use Staxyn.

Make sure that you ask your physician whether Staxyn is suitable for you. He will be able to review your personal medical history and identity if there is a reason why you must not take this particular male enhancement product.

The Bottom Line

It has been proven by a clinical study that Staxyn can really improve erections and treat erectile dysfunction. While there is a low risk for side effects, still, they are present. Once you have been diagnosed with ED your doctor will be able to help you in deciding whether it is safe for you to take Staxyn.

All in all, Staxyn seems like a good enough supplement for male enhancement but this is not the best. Aside from that, not all guys can use this. In case you have not been diagnosed to have erectile dysfunction, there is a low chance that you will be prescribed with Staxyn. In this case, you might want to go for natural male enhancement supplements instead.

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