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What Causes Swollen Testicles?
September 12th, 2013

Testicle health is important. Your testicles are the male sex glands situated behind your penis and are contained in a sac known as scrotum. Their main functions are sperm (male reproductive cell) and testosterone (male hormone) production. One condition that can occur with or without pain is swollen testicles, which may come about due to a number of different conditions.

Here are specific health issues or concerns that can lead to swollen testicles:

  1. Spermatocele – Also called an epididymal cyst, a spermatocele is an abnormal growth or cyst occurring in the epididymis, the small coiled tube found behind each testicle that is responsible for sperm storage during maturation. The exact reason behind this condition is still unknown, but it may be caused by a blockage in the tubes leading to the epididymis. Swollen testicles due to a spermatocele are typically painless, but there may be a sensation of heaviness present in the groin.
  2. Varicocele – The enlargement of the internal veins that drain your testicles, Varicocele is highly common. It occurs when the valves controlling blood flow from the testicle back into the abdomen are malfunctioning, resulting in a back up of blood in the veins that causes swelling.
  3. Hydrocele – The accumulation of fluid in your scrotum, hydrocele is a common issue in infants. It is not serious and it usually resolves on its own even sans treatment.
  4. Testicular cancer – Watch out, because your swollen testicles may be a symptom of testicular cancer. According to statistics, over 90 percent of patients consult their doctor for a testicular lump or mass. This is obviously the most serious cause of testicular swelling, so go to your doctor as early as possible for any abnormality.

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